Marching Competition Uniform

There are different uniforms for different ensembles, and in the case of Marching Band, more than one uniform. Winter Guard and Winter Percussion typically have a different uniform for each season. During the Marching season the percussion section typically wear the same uniform as the winds, while the Guard will typically have a different uniform each season to accent the theme of the show. All that said, it's always possible the uniform will change in any given season as dictated by the show design. The Concert Program attire is more formal and includes dresses and tuxedos.

Marching Band Competition Uniforms

There are many components to the Marching uniform, some of which is provided and others that need to be purchased. Refer to the Marching Band handbook for details on the various parts of the uniform, where to get them, and when to wear them:


2019 Plymouth-Canton Marching Band Uniform Handbook


Uniforms do not go home with students.  You will be issued a garment bag in which all of the parts of the uniform are kept.  The garment bags are stored in the uniform closet until competition time.  After the competition, students return uniforms to the uniform closet.  Volunteer washer parents are assigned uniforms to take home to wash and return.

Shakos are kept in hard plastic cases marked by name, and are stored in the bottom of the same closet as the garment bags. Nothing but the shako should be kept in the case.

Canton Embroidery has a variety of required and optional items for sale. They offer items both for students and parents and other family members to show your band spirit!. Refer to the handbook for details on what needs to be purchased.


Canton Embroidery


Students are responsible for their own member shirts, black socks, and black shoes.  These must be brought to each competition.  These do not go in your garment bag.  Washer parents are not responsible for these items.

When you are wearing the Gray competition uniform you are expected to have the highest professional standards of behavior.  Long hair must be pulled back and pinned up so that it does not show under shakos. No nail polish, jewelry, watches, or distracting make-up. If you have pierced earrings that can’t be taken out, they will need to be covered with a flesh-colored bandage.  The only jewelry allowed is the band necklace.

You may find it helps to be organized by having a specifically designated band bag in your home in which you keep your marching shoes, socks, member shirt, and anything else you routinely take to a competition. Write your name in your member shirt and shoes.

Remember, it is ultimately your responsibility to have everything you need for every competition!


Marching Band Summer Uniform

PCMB Polo ShirtBlack tennis shoesBlack SocksKhaki shorts

Marching band students wear a polo shirts and khaki shorts for the Memorial Day and 4th of July parades. The summer uniform may also worn at football games at the beginning of the season. Watch your Fanouts for fitting days where the student can come in and try one on if you haven't ordered one yet. Returning students should try their uniform on well before Memorial Day to make sure it still fits so there is time to get a new one on time if needed. The polo shirt can be ordered on Canton embroideries website

Students will also need to purchase a pair of khaki shorts with a 7 inch inseam. Khaki shorts (must have a 7" or longer inseam) - No cargo shorts permitted or shorts that have multiple pockets on the legs) Parents have found kaki shorts at target, JC Penny or ordered them on Amazon.

Concert Uniforms

Students participating in the Concert Band program will typically perform in 3-4 concerts per year.  They will also participate in the District Band and Orchestra Festival held in March.  Students wear formal dress to all concerts, unless otherwise instructed by the director.

Flutist Julia HeppGirls:  

Formal concert wear for girls consists of a solid black, full-length dress.  Girls should wear nice black shoes.  Only modest jewelry is allowed.  This means no jewelry that is large or overly distracting.  

When do I get it?

The dress is ordered through the school band program at the beginning of the school year.  Once the dresses are ordered, it will take a few weeks for them to arrive at the school.  Delivery will be before the first concert.  You are responsible for hemming and any extra tailoring you choose.  The name of a reputable seamstress will be provided should you require her services.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies by year.  The current cost for a dress is $75.  The same dress is used every year so this is a one-time cost.

Where do I keep it?

The dress is paid for by you and kept at home.

How does it get cleaned?

The dress is machine wash and dry at home.  

Percussionist Patrick Miller in Concert TuxedoBoys:

Formal concert wear for boys consists of a tuxedo and black bow tie.  Students provide their own white long sleeved dress shirt, black socks, and black dress shoes.  Tuxedos are the property of the band program and rented out to students on a yearly basis.  Black bow ties are provided to the students at a one-time fee of $5.  

How much does it cost?

The current price for tuxedo rental is $40 for the school year.  Purchase of a bow tie is an additional $5.  A check for the tux rental and bow tie (if needed) must be made out to Plymouth High School.  The checks are given to the band director.

When do I get it?

Boys are fit for tuxedos at the beginning of the school year.  As soon as you pay the tuxedo rental fee, you will be allowed to take the tuxedo home. You are responsible for hemming the pants, if needed.  The name of a reputable seamstress will be provided should you require her services to hem the pants for you.  

Where do I keep it?

The tuxedo goes home with you and remains in your closet during the school year.  The tuxedo must be returned immediately following the last band concert of the year.

How does it get cleaned?

The tuxedo is dry clean only.  The dry cleaning fee has been included in your rental fee.  Immediately following the final band concert, volunteers will collect all of the tuxedos and deliver them to the dry cleaner.  After cleaning, tuxedos are stored in the band uniform closet until the next school year.


Uniform Questions?

Contact our Uniform Coordinator  for any questions about any of our uniforms.