Need a form?  This is probably where you'll find it.  We have various forms that are required by the school such as the physical, forms required by outside parties such as the Ford Field forms, or internal forms such as the absence request form.  The forms will usually be submitted to the White Mailbox, but be sure to make note of some of the exceptions as expressed below.

Marching band related documents and information are posted on the Marching Band page.

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P-CEP Bands 2019-2020 Ensembles

This is the list of ensemble assignments for the 2019-2020 school year. Students - please take the time to read the first page of the document for important information. Parents are encouraged to read the second page of the file.Note you need to log into the site to access the file. Click on the registration page to create an account if you have not yet done so.

  • P-CEP Bands 2019-2020 Ensembles (186.36 KB)


P-CEP Band Hand Book

Please refer to the P-CEP Band Hand Book for important information about the band programs, educational philosophies, and the duties of a P-CEP Band student.

P-CEP Band Hand Book (Opens in Google Docs)


Marching Band Absence Request

Being present at all scheduled rehearsals/events is expected. Each and every student carries a huge individual importance to the ensemble. In some regards, we are unable to perform without the contribution of all students. These guidelines are in place because when even 1 member of our team is missing, every student is effected. In sports terms, your student is a “starter” for our ensemble and every other member is relying on their contribution at all times.

Note: Only students have access to the absence request form, and are responsible for filling it out themselves.

PCMB Attendance Policy

PCMB Absence Request


2019-2020 Band Placement

Click below for a message to incoming Middle School students from the P-CEP Band Directors:

 Band Students Placement Letter


Signing up for “General Band” is the first step (there is still time to add “General Band”). The next step is to place you in one of the band courses listed below. The band placement is designed to place students in the band class that will best serve each student and their skill set, musical growth and ensures balanced instrumentation for each band. Students will be placed in one of the five P-CEP band courses based on the following criteria: tone, range, technique, accuracy, and musicality.

Band Courses

Our mission is to support and encourage you through the placement process. Just do your best. Students may choose to perform one of the three options below for the placement.

Option 1.

Prepare a musical excerpt of your choice to showcase your musical skills to the best of your ability (1-2 minutes).

Option 2.

Prepare the P-CEP Band Placement material i.e., B♭ major scale, B♭ chromatic scale, and a short excerpt from an etude.

Option 3.

Prepare the MSBOA All-State etudes (linked below). This option is highly encouraged for students wishing to be placed in Chamber Winds and Wind Ensemble (the all-state etudes represents and reflects the music literature appropriate to the music that will be studied in those courses).

***Music for option #2 and #3. can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on the links below. Your band directors will also be able to provide you with a hard copy of the music. If you have any trouble accessing music please email Mr. Wells.

Mr. Wells will visit your school during your band class to listen to you individually which is the preferred method:video and audio recordings will be accepted if a live placement is not feasible, an appointment may also be an option pending a request (please email one of the P-CEP band directors).

Each band is approached with passion, organization, and focus. The only difference between each ensemble is the music literature being studied. If you or your parents have any questions please contact Mr. Wells (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


P-CEP Band Placement Downloads