Moon and Stars Banner

The P-CEP Marching Band has many long standing traditions. One of those traditions is “playing to the moon and stars”.

This tradition started in 1990 when director Glen Adsit noticed that the Marching Band performed better at night. The director began telling the Marching Band, "look for the moon; play for the moon; reach for the moon and the stars." Boosters began showing support with stars.

Boosters showing support with stars

Mr. Adsit contacted one of the talented parents, Annette Smigell, a few days before their next National's competition. He asked her to create a banner that the Marching Band could "reach for" inside the Indianapolis Hoosier Dome (later named the RCA dome).

Mrs Smigell created a banner using a black king-sized bed sheet, added a sparkling moon and stars. The banner was completed in time to inspire the Marching Band to achieve thier first Grand National Championship.

The banner is hung every year at the MCBA State Championships and the BOA National Championships to help inspire the Marching Band to always "reach for the moon and stars."