Band to The Future

Join the P-CEP Marching Band

This season the marching band is looking forward to... 

  • Week Long Overnight Band Camp (August)
  • Return to Competition
    • 4 MCBA Local Competitions
    • MCBA State Championships (Ford Field)
    • BOA Regional Championships (University of Toledo)
    • BOA Grand National Championships (Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN)
  • Over 15 LIVE performances


Required Rehearsal Material

Practice/Performance Schedule

Did you want to learn more about what Marching Band is all about? See our Marching Band page under Ensembles


Here is where you will find most of the forms and other downloaded items related to the P-CEP Marching band. Some of these items will require you to log into the site and will show a lock icon in front of the link. The other items can be downloaded without logging in first. If you can't find what you need here you can check the Student Forms or Booster Forms pages.


Marching Band Absence Request

Being present at all scheduled rehearsals/events is expected. Each and every student carries a huge individual importance to the ensemble. In some regards, we are unable to perform without the contribution of all students. These guidelines are in place because when even 1 member of our team is missing, every student is effected. In sports terms, your student is a “starter” for our ensemble and every other member is relying on their contribution at all times.

Note: The PCMB Absence Request link leads to a school Google Form. Only students have access to the absence request form. Students are responsible for filling it out themselves. The student must use their school login to access the form.

PCMB Attendance Policy

PCMB Absence Request - Only Students have access


Participation Agreement

Each participant will fill out the online Marching Band Participation Agreement form. Be sure to read the agreement carefully. Both the student and parent/guardian need to sign the agreement. You need to log in first to access the form.



Financial Information

You can find financial information on our Marching Band Dues Payments, Payment Plans, Scholarships and Financial info page.


Permission Slips

These permission slips and wavers are required to participate in Marching band. Note the permission slips can be filled out on you computer and printed. Be sure to print each permission slip on a separate page (no two sided printing please). 

The district requires authorization forms for any students who need medication during Marching Band Events. The nurses will collect and administer medications. There are some medications such as EpiPens and inhalers that the student is allowed to keep with them, but those students will require the self administration authorization form below. 

The Ford Field wavers are required by Ford field and will be turned in to MCBA. The parent waver is required for all parent volunteers. We request you fill out this form even if you don't yet know if you will be volunteering that day.

The field trip information sheets are for your reference and do not need to be turned in.

The completed permission slips, waver forms, and if applicable the medical permission forms can be turned in to the white mailbox anytime prior to the August 2, 2019 deadline or you can bring them to the July 9 parent meeting or July 12 Tailgate.  The physical forms are due September 4th.

Information about the PCCS Policy on Medication Use can be found here:


ICHAT Background Check

Volunteers who come in direct contact with students during any school sponsored event are required to submit an ICHAT form for a district-mandated background check through Plymouth Canton Community Schools.   Please make sure you have approval from the Directors or a Board member before submitting the form.


Required Materials

These materials are required for rehearsals. Materials are required beginning the first rehearsal after Memorial Day.


File Download for Current Members:

Current members of the P-CEP Marching Band can log in to download music and drill.