What is the dues payment structure for 2020?

Membership dues for the 2020 Marching Band Season are $1,400 per student, $1,300 for siblings. The payment is broken down into four installments due as follows:

  July 9, 2020: $400  (Non-refundable Commitment Fee and signed Participation Agreement due)
  August 9, 2020: $400                
  September 9, 2020: $300  
  October 9, 2020: $300  



Great Lakes Invitational (GLI) Raffle Tickets

The $1,400 total includes an invoice for $100 in GLI raffle tickets. These raffle tickets will be distributed to parents the week of July 27th. Since these raffle tickets are pre-paid with your program dues, they may be sold to friends, co-workers, neighbors etc. and the money collected by you may be retained to offset the cost of program dues. All raffle ticket stubs sold with completed purchaser information must be returned to the white mailbox in the large band room prior to the GLI drawing. If you choose not to sell the raffle tickets, you can simply fill out the raffle ticket stubs with your name and turn them into the white mailbox. All raffle ticket stubs must be returned to the white mailbox prior to the drawing at the GLI event on October 31, 2020.


What about families with more than one student participant?

If you have more than one student in the Marching Band during the same school year, each additional participant after the first one will receive a $100 discount. In addition, each family is only invoiced for one set of raffle tickets. The first student’s invoice will reflect the raffle tickets.

In addition, the payment schedule for additional students is staggered by two weeks from the first student to help families spread out their payments. Signed participation agreements are due for all students on June 9, 2020. The payment schedule for siblings is as follows:

  July 9, 2020: $400  (Non-refundable Commitment Fee and signed Participation Agreement due)
   August 23, 2020: $400  
  September 23, 2020: $300  
  October 9, 2019: $200  


What forms of payment are accepted to pay my dues?

PCMB allows payments by Check, Money Order or Credit Card via Paypal


Where do I send my Check or Money Order Payment?

There are three ways to get your payment to the Treasurer to apply to your account

  1. Put your Check or Money order in an envelope and drop it in the large white mailbox in the band room with your student’s name on the envelope. Please write your student’s name on the check or money order as well.
  2. Mail your check to PCMB, PO Box 701135, Plymouth, MI 48170
  3. Bring your payment (Check or Money Order) to a booster meeting and give it to one of the Treasurers.

Please do not give payments to directors or staff, or leave it on a desk.


How do I make a Credit Card Payment via PayPal

To make a credit card payment, go to PCMB PAYMENTS (link also available from the home page). Select STUDENT ACCOUNT from the Payment Type drop down menu and complete the requested information. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a payment. Please note that a service fee of 2.2% +$0.30 will be applied.


Are payment plans available?

Yes. If you need to modify the payment plan outlined above to spread the payments out or change your payment due date to a different day of the month, you must send an email to Keith Kruger, PCMB Treasurer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This email should include:

  1. Your request to have an individual payment plan in place
  2. The dates and amounts you will be making payments

This plan will be noted on your invoice and attached to your commitment agreement. We will work with you to help make a plan manageable. All payment plans that differ from the commitment form must be in writing.


Are there scholarships available?

Yes. However, these scholarships are not administered or granted directly by the boosters or the booster board nor are we able to waive participation fees for members. This policy is to protect the privacy of our members and per district booster club policy all fundraising done by our organization is to support the general programs and not any one student individually.

Currently, we have two scholarship opportunities available to students participating in Marching Band

  1. Douglas McKelvey Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship is administered by the Educational Excellence Foundation (EEF) and provides a $1,000 scholarship annually to two students with a financial need. Deadline to apply for this scholarship is in early April of each year. An application and more information for this scholarship is available on the Douglas McKelvey Memorial Scholarship page under the Student menu.
  2. James R. Griffith Scholarship - This scholarship is administered by the Canton Community Foundation and provides scholarships generally ranging from $100 - $500 annually based on the fund balance and investment performance. Scholarships are both merit based and financial need based. Application is available on the James R. Griffith Scholarship page under the Student menu. If you receive a scholarship from this fund, it will be applied to your student account at the end of September.


Are there other ways to fundraise to pay my dues?

SCRIP – The best opportunity offered by the boosters to add money to your own student account is to participate in our SCRIP Rebate program. When you purchase gift certificates or gift cards through the SCRIP program you receive rebates that can be applied to your individual account. You can earn band money for making purchases you make every day for restaurants, clothing stores, home improvement stores and more. For more information and to get your account set up, go to the SCRIP page under Boosters and then Fundraisers to read how to get started. You can also contact our SCRIP coordinator Tammy Sivic.

OTHER – Be creative. Many students have sent letters to family and friends asking for help with their band dues. Friends and family can send checks to our PO Box and designate them to your account. In the past, students have also started Go Fund Me accounts or taken on small jobs in the summer to earn money for their account.


How can I find my student’s account balance?

Account balances are not available online. A statement will be emailed out the first week of each month to the email addresses provided on your commitment form. If you need your balance or need to change your email information, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Can I pre-pay my dues?

Yes. You may make multiple payments before due dates or pay in full at any time before your final payment is due.