P-CEP Marching Band LogoThis information applies to Winds and Percussion only. Color Guard has its own uniform policies. Contact Lucas Schmidt for Color Guard info.

PCMB uses four distinct uniforms. The Competition Uniform is the Gray traditional marching uniform worn at all MCBA and BOA Competitions and occasionally at football games. The Football, Practice/Travel and Parade Uniforms consist of various combinations of polos shirts, tshirts, track pants, etc. A complete description of each uniform is below. Some parts of the uniforms are provided by PCMB and some must be purchased by the student either through PCMB or directly from our uniform and spirit wear provider, Canton Embroidery. Details and prices are below.

Uniform Rules

These will be enforced by the Uniform Moms, Chaperones and Directors

  2. HAIR MUST BE TUCKED UP IN THE SHAKO AND OFF THE COLLAR. If long, hair must be pinned up in a bun inside the Shako. The Shako must sit correctly on the head when hair is pinned up.
  4. Black socks that go over the calf are required.
  5. NO NAIL POLISH. You will be asked to remove it.
  6. NO JEWELRY. You will be asked to remove it.
  7. Don’t try to fix a uniform by yourself. Always find a Uniform Mom to help.
  8. Hang your uniform properly in your garment bag, zip up the bag and hang it in the assigned Uniform Closet after every wearing. Jackets (zipped up) and Bibs are hung on the hanger provided. Gloves and Gauntlets should be placed in the back zipper pocket or in the bottom of the bag if there is no back zipper pocket.


Uniform Cleaning, Storage and Maintenance

Competition Uniforms are washed on a set schedule (generally after every other competition and before States and Nationals) by volunteer washer parents. The uniforms are made of polyester and can be washed and partially dried in a washing machine and dryer. For this reason, students must hang up their uniforms properly in their garment bag and hang it in the assigned Uniform Closet after each wearing. Washer parents will collect their assigned uniforms, wash them and return them to the Uniform Closet (along with special treats) in time for the next wearing. Because washer parents go into the garment bags, students should be careful what they put in there because it will be found.

Students are responsible for their own Drill Masters, black socks, member tshirts and compression shorts/tights. Washer parents will not wash these items.

If any uniform item needs repair or refitting, please contact the Uniform Moms immediately. Don’t try to fix a uniform yourself. We are here to help.


Uniform Descriptions

  Competition Uniform Practice/
Travel Uniform
Football Uniform Parade Uniform Source
Shako  x       PCEP
Plume  x       PCEP
Bibs  x       PCEP
Jacket  x       PCEP
Gauntlets x       PCEP
Gloves x       Purchase from
$4 per pair
Member TShirt
S/S or L/S
x x     Purchase from
Canton Emb
x   optional   Purchase on own
PCEP Polo     x x Purchase from
Canton Emb

PCEP Polo   x x   Purchase from
Canton Emb

Khaki Shorts       x Purchase on own
Member Jacket   x Weather dependent Weather dependent Purchase from
Canton Emb
Drill Masters x x x Or black tennis shoes Purchase from
approx $30
Black Socks x
Over calf
Over calf
Over calf
Ankle or quarter
Purchase on own
Ball Cap   optional optional   Optional
Purchase from
Canton Emb




Individual Uniform Pieces

Bibs, Jackets, Gauntlets and Gloves are stored in a numbered PCMB Garment Bag in an assigned Uniform Closet. Washer parents will take the assigned Garment Bags (approx 5 each ) home for uniform washing and return them to the appropriate Uniform Closet as scheduled.


Color Guard

Color Guard has a unique costume worn in competition each year. In addition to that costume, Color Guard members will each purchase black track pants, a summer uniform consisting of shorts and a tshirt and a warm-up jacket (highly encouraged). These items are purchased directly through the Color Guard and are NOT ordered from Canton Embroidery. Please see Lucas Schmidt for further information about Color Guard uniforms.


Final Thoughts

Uniforms serve an important function. They not only assure a neat and orderly appearance, they also promote a feeling of belonging and pride in the institution the uniform represents. Properly wearing our uniforms shows the community how much we care about our band and the hard work we have all put into it. Seeing our kids lined up looking their best, whether in Competition “Grays” or in Football black track pants and jackets, leaves a positive impression of PCMB as a well run, high quality organization deserving of all the state and national accolades it has earned over the years.

Your Uniform Moms are here to make fitting, maintaining and wearing your uniforms as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2018 PCMB Uniform Moms
Amy Richards
Linda Maurer
Lynne Cowell