The following materials are required by the first rehearsal after Memorial Day to participate in rehearsal. These materials may be purchased wherever you would like, and do not have to be a certain brand or color. For accessibility, links have been provided to assist in location some items.

1-Gallon Water Bottle

This must be a one gallon jug. We have found that a half-gallon jug is not sufficient for outside rehearsals in the sun. It is recommended that the student’s name is written on the bottle as well. These can be found at local sporting goods stores or online.

Water Jug

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are imperative to the success and safety of the members to be able to perform what is asked of them without injury to their feet. Converse or Vans are not acceptable, as they do not provide proper support to the feet.

Athletic Shoe

Athletic Clothing

Similar to the category above, the proper clothing is important to the success of the student. This means clothing they can move in that won’t restrict any type of movement the member will be asked to do.

Optional: spandex shorts to wear underneath your shorts while stretching

Athletic Wear


All students are required to have pencils at every rehearsal. It does not matter if they are mechanical or not.


Beach Towel

These are used to stretch on when we are outside. No one loves to lay in the mud after it rains, protect your clothes and stretch on your towel.

black towel

Hair Ties or Pins

Hair needs to be completely out of the face when at rehearsal. When the members are spinning and tossing equipment into the air it is important their vision isn’t obstructed by their hair.

Hair ties


Please direct any questions to Robert Becker and Michael Novak.