The following materials are required by the first rehearsal after Memorial Day to participate in rehearsal. These materials may be purchased wherever you would like, and do not have to be a certain brand or color. For accessibility, links have been provided to assist in location some items.

1-Gallon Water Bottle

This must be a one gallon jug. We have found that a half-gallon jug is not sufficient for outside rehearsals in the sun. It is recommended that the student’s name is written on the bottle as well. These can be found at local sporting goods stores or online.

Water Jug

Music Binder with Page Protectors

Students are recommended to use at least a 1” binder. Sheet protectors are required to hold
the music in place. It is recommended to use “anti-glare” sheet protectors so that music is still readable while rehearsing outside.



All students are required to have pencils at every rehearsal. It does not matter if they are mechanical or not.


Highlighted Parts (BD only)

Bass Drum students are required to have their parts highlighted by the next rehearsal after receiving them.


Small Notepad (FE only)

Front Ensemble students are required to have a small notepad in order to take notes throughout rehearsals.


Headphones (FE only)

Front Ensemble students are required to have a pair of headphones that work with their cellphones. iPhone 7 users need to make sure they are not trying to borrow from others. Dollar store headphones work great for this.



  • Hats and/or Sunglasses - To protect students from sunburn (as well as their lips)
  • Athletic Clothes - Students must be able to perform physical activities. (No Jeans)
  • Athletic Shoes - Students should wear athletic shoes to perform physical activities in.
  • Battery - 1 pairs of unbroken drumsticks

black hat


Please direct any questions to Mr. Sparling: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.