Need a form?  This is probably where you'll find it.  We have various forms that are required by the school such as the physical, forms required by outside parties such as the Ford Field forms, or internal forms such as the absence request form.  The forms will usually be submitted to the White Mailbox, but be sure to make note of some of the exceptions as expressed below.

Marching band related documents and information are posted on the Marching Band page.

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P-CEP Band Hand Book

Please refer to the P-CEP Band Hand Book for important information about the band programs, educational philosophies, and the duties of a P-CEP Band student.

P-CEP Band Hand Book (Opens in Google Docs)


Marching Band Absence Request

Being present at all scheduled rehearsals/events is expected. Each and every student carries a huge individual importance to the ensemble. In some regards, we are unable to perform without the contribution of all students. These guidelines are in place because when even 1 member of our team is missing, every student is effected. In sports terms, your student is a “starter” for our ensemble and every other member is relying on their contribution at all times.

Note: Only students have access to the absence request form, and are responsible for filling it out themselves.

PCMB Attendance Policy

PCMB Absence Request


Private Teaching and Equipment List


2018-2019 Band Placement

Welcome to the P-CEP Band family.There is only one band program for Canton H.S., Plymouth H.S., and Salem H.S. The band room is housed in Plymouth H.S. where we teach and direct five instrumental music band classes:

  • Varsity Band Woodwinds — Woodwind Entry Level Class
  • Concert Band Brass and Percussion — Brass and Percussion Entry Level Class***Varsity Band Woodwinds and Concert Band Brass and Percussion combine as one band for concerts.
  • Symphony Band – Audition Placement Required
  • Chamber Winds – Audition Placement Required
  • Wind Ensemble – Audition Placement Required

It is our hope that you have selected band as one of your elective classes for the 2018-19 academic school year. If you are an incoming 9th-grade student it is important to note that by enrolling in Band for one year you will earn the Fine and Performing Arts Credit mandated by the State of Michigan to earn your High School Diploma. Each year Mr. Thomann and Mr. Wells will listen to every band student (grades 8-11) in the spring to place each student in the appropriate band class for the fall. Students will be placed in each class based on instrumentation, musicianship/skills, teachability, work ethic, and attitude.

Current P-CEP Band Students will perform a band placement assigned in their google classroom.

Mr. Thomann or Mr. Wells will visit the current 8th grade/incoming 9th-grade P-CCS Band Students during their 8th-grade (middle school) band class. More information will be available for your band placement (i.e., live audition or google classroom video assignment) once we have secured the visitation date with your Middle School Band Director.

For incoming 8-11th-grade band students outside of the P-CCS District please contact Mr. ThomannThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Mr. Wells (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to determine the best course of action to be matriculated into the P-CEP Band Program.


2018-2019 Band Placement Music

Each year Mr. Thomann and Mr. Wells will listen to all of the current High School Band Students and incoming 9th Grade Band Students. There are five P-CCS Middle School Bands, and 5-7 Charter/Private Schools that send students to the Park (290-300+band students each year). In an effort to make the process streamlined and time efficient we are asking all of the students to choose one of the following options below so we can place each student in the appropriate band class. The first option is to choose the placement/audition tempos for Varsity Band Woodwinds Class, Concert Band Brass and Percussion Class, and Symphony Band Class. The second option is to choose placement/audition tempos for Chamber Winds Class, and the third option is to prepare the appropriate etude to be considered for Wind Ensemble Class. The music is the same for option #1 and #2; the difference is the tempo markings for the scales.

Option #1: Varsity Band, Concert Band, Symphony Band, and Chamber Winds is to perform #1, #2, #3, and #4 @ 60 beats/minute,#5 @ 112 beats/minute, and #6 @ 110 beats/minute Varsity Band Woodwinds, Concert Band Brass/Percussion, Symphony Band, and Chamber Winds Placement Music

Option #2: Wind Ensemble Etude Only No Scales - See each etude for tempo markings Wind Ensemble Placement Music (the last download in the list below)