The White Mail BoxThe White Mailbox is your friend. The White Mailbox will keep you out of trouble. You will often hear your directors tell you to "Put it in the White Mailbox". The White Mailbox is in the large band room near the door to the directors' office.  It's the one that's painted white.  Here is why the White Mailbox is your friend.


The Directors are Busy!

The directors are very busy people. If you doubt that, peek into the window at their desks. You'll see lots of paper, boxes, instruments in various states of repair, miscellaneous parts and a variety of items that may or may not be easily identifiable.  If you happen to catch your directors at their desks, it's likely there are three people talking to them at once while they are typing up an e-mail, talking on the phone and gathering up their supplies as they head out the door for their next rehearsal.  Amid all this chaos, it is VERY easy for a permission slip or a note from mom to get buried, misfiled or lost.  Your safest bet is to put your notes or other important materials in the White Mailbox.


What Should Go in the White Mailbox? 

Unless told otherwise, pretty much everything that needs to go to your directors or the Boosters should go into the White Mailbox. Here is a partial list of things that qualify:

  • Permission slips
  • Forms
  • Checks for band fees
  • Notes from Mom
  • Notes from Dad
  • Notes from grandparents
  • Cookie dough order forms
  • Band registration forms
  • Any paperwork that needs to go to your directors, the booster treasurer, fund raising chairpersons, or anyone else who says "Put it in the White Mailbox"


What Should Not Go into the White Mailbox?

Is there anything that should not go into the White Mailbox?  You bet.  Here is a partial list:

  • Forms that need to go to the school office or counselors
  • Loose cash or checks
  • Any paperwork intended to go to other students, including student leaders
  • Anything that can break when dropped
  • Trash, bottles, or anything else inappropriate. 


How Do I Use the White Mailbox?

You just pull on the handle inside the hood at the top, pull and put in your paperwork.  But that's not what we're really taking about here.  There is a right way and a wrong way to put materials into the White Mailbox.  Here is the best way to make sure your paperwork gets to the right place and in good condition:

  • Do you have a single sheet of paper without any private or confidential information on it?  Just drop it in as is - no need for an envelope, folding or staples.
  • Any paperwork with more than one page should be stapled, not paper clipped.  It is easy for the pages to get separated either when it is dropped in or when the paperwork is collected later.
  • If you have any paperwork with private or confidential information on, it should either go into an envelope or folded and stapled with a single staple to hold the personal information inside the fold.
  • All cash and checks MUST go into an envelope.  Don't ask your directors for an envelope - that's your responsibility.  Never drop loose money or checks into the White Mailbox - it happens from time to time and it drives the treasurer crazy!  It is important for us to account for every dollar that goes through the system, and we can't give you credit for paying your bill if we don't know who dropped off the money!
  • Not sure if it should go into an envelope?  Better to be safe than sorry - put it in an envelope.
  • Very important - Be sure to seal the envelope.  Write your name and what the envelope is for on the outside of the envelope.  The same is true for any papers that are folded and stapled.  For example, if you are making a marching band payment, write "Marching Band Payment" under your name on the outside of the envelope.


Your friend, the White Mailbox, is eagerly awaiting your paperwork.