The Photo Upload Panel is the control center for photo uploads.  You can only access this function if you are registered with the site and logged in.  When logged in, there is a link that appears to the top left of the gallery that says "Photo Upload Panel".  Click this link to access the panel.

The photo upload panel shows some information about what you have already uploaded (if anything) and provides links to upload files and create categories.


There are two buttons at the top of the photo upload panel.   The first button, named "Categories", gets you to the category screen where you can tell the site to what category the photos you are uploading belong.  The second, named "Upload", gets you to the upload screen. You can get the documentation for these two screens by clicking the relative link above.

Filtering and Sorting

The next section of the page controls the filtering and sorting of the Photo Upload Panel.  If you haven't uploaded any photos yet, these controls will not serve any function.  Once you start uploading files, these filters may help you sort through your photos. 

  • Display Num - This control, located right under the Upload and Categories buttons, controls how many photos are displayed in the Photo Upload Panel.  IMPORTANT - do not select "All" if you have a significant number of photos.  This would generate sigificant traffic which could cause slowness not only for you but for the other people using the site, or it will cause the script to run out of memory and return error messages..
  • Search - Enter the name of the file for which you are searching.  There is no search button so you just need to hit enter after typing in the search terms..  To remove the filter, delete all the text in this field and hit enter.
  • Sort by order - This changes the order of the photos in the Photo Upload Panel.  Feel free to experiment with the different settings to see what works best for you.
  • Filter by type - There are two different settings on each photo that controls whether the photo will display on the site.  The first is "Published", and the second is "Approved".  By default, all uploaded photos are Published  so you can ignore that setting.  The photos will be approved once the administrators move them to their proper locations.  You can filter for "Not Approved" to see which photos have not yet been migrated.
  • Filter by category - this list shows all the categories available on the site, both published and unpublished.  Note that this setting will only show the photos in the specified category and not the photos from associated subcategories.


Are you not seeing the photos you uploaded?  This is typically due to the filtering settings.  Reset all the settings above to their defaults settings to reset the view.  Delete all the text from the search field, set Filter by type to "- Select State -", and Filter by category to "- Select Category -".  The Sort by order setting will not prevent photos from displaying.

Photo Table

Below all the filters is the main body of the page.  This shows the list of all the photos you uploaded to the site.  Here are some notes about using the photo tables:

  • Click on the file name to open the image.
  • Hits shows the number of times the photo was opened in the gallery.
  • The categories links take you out to the gallery in the category or subcategory on which you just clicked.
  • Actions allows you to delete photos you have uploaded but have not yet been approved and migrated by the administrators.  If you wish to have a photo removed (regardless of who uploaded the photo), send a message to the general information box on the contacts page.
  • Published will show a green check-mark.  All photos are set to published by default.
  • The photos will be approved once the administrator moves the photos to their designated location.  It will show up as a red "x" until its approved, then will show up as a green arrow once it has been migrated and approved.  The administrators will publish the photos as soon as possible, but it might take a week or so depending on other activities (we're all volunteers with day jobs). Send a note to the PCMB Info mailbox on the contacts page if these photos sit unapproved for a long time.


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