P-CEP Wind Ensemble

CANTON, MI – “Pen down.” These two words are music to the eyes and ears for any band director as it means their band has captured the full attention of an adjudicator, and they have placed their pen down and are thoroughly enjoying and taking in the band’s performance.

These two words were written more than once on evaluations this past school year of the Plymouth-Canton Wind Ensemble, the top band at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP). The band programs, led by G. Jonathan Thomann, director of bands, and Michael Wells, associate director of bands, have had an incredible school year, with all P-CEP bands receiving a “one” rating – the highest rating possible - at the District 12 Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association (MSBOA) festival in Redford in March. Thomann was encouraged to have the Wind Ensemble participate at the MSBOA State Band and Orchestra Festival in April, and the band’s hard work paid off with wonderful accolades and highest rankings across the board by all judges.

On May 24, 2018, Thomann received an email from Charles Bullard, president of MSBOA, alerting him that the P-CEP Wind Ensemble was one of 8 ensembles selected out of 41 ensembles that applied, to participate as a featured performing ensemble at the 2019 Michigan Music Conference (MMC) in Grand Rapids on Friday, January 25. The MMC is attended by more than 9,000 music educators at the K-12, collegiate, and professional levels, and it is an honor to be selected to perform at the conference.

“The email from Mr. Bullard is the icing on the cake to the Wind Ensemble’s unbelievable year of outstanding performances,” said Thomann. “Each and every one of our Wind Ensemble students have grown tremendously not only as musicians, but as a team, and this invitation to perform at MMC in front of a large audience of some of the most talented music educators and students in the state will be an experience they will never forget.”

“It has been a pleasure to watch all of our P-CEP band students’ progress over the past few years,” said Nancy Milanovich, president of the Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters. “Mr. Thomann and Mr. Wells have brought much creativity and new experiences into our students’ lives, all of which are offering new opportunities in music. Their lives are being enriched by these leaders who are allowing them to see and experience the world of music in a new perspective. On behalf of the Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters, we are proud of the great strides and accomplishments of all of our music students and their teachers.”

“All of our band members, particularly our seniors, played a critical role in helping our band in attaining this honorable invitation,” Thomann added. “All of our graduating seniors came to rehearsal each day prepared and led the ensemble to make music a priority, and went above and beyond to help our band have an extremely successful school year. I will miss them dearly, and I hope that they are proud of their pursuit of musical excellence and that they know that their legacy will be remembered for years to come.”

The band, comprised of 52 students, played a large repertoire of compositions this school year, including Bock Fanfares (Jess Langston Turner); American Elegy (Frank Ticheli); Fantasia for Alto Saxophone (Claude T. Smith); Original Suite for Military Band (Gordan Jacob); and numerous others.

The Wind Ensemble Band will perform at the concert in Kellogg Park in downtown Plymouth on Thursday, June 7, 2018. The evening performances will begin with some special P-CEP student performances at 6:30 p.m., and the Wind Ensemble at 7:00 p.m. The concert is free and open to the public.

The 2017/2018 P-CEP Wind Ensemble students include: 

Seniors: Andrew Allan, Connor Blaufuss, Rachel Browning, Catherine Christenson, Andreas Comsa, Kyle Dandurand, Alexa Elkouri, Rachel Elliott, Lauren Garvey, Javier Garza, Madeline Gutta, Colin Hoffman, Lauren Hull, Joseph Jankowski, Justin Kinville, Brendan Kwapis, Benjamin Lesko, Austin Luttermoser, James Milleville, Tyler Mortensen, Courtney Muzzin, Victoria Row, Christian Vacca, Sarah Wene, Katelyn Wilmarth

Juniors: Lindsay Adlhoch, Jackson Ames, Grace Chinitz, David Cotham, Isaac Fong, Gabrielle George, Jacob Jakovljeski, Kacey Jones, Nathaniel Lewis, Matthew List, Matthew Milanovich, Kayleigh O’Connor, Prairna Pannu, Kelly Quinlan, Brennan Ragland, Cooper Rossio, Maisy Seale, Amanda van Ruiten, Gary Zhang

Sophomores: Joseph Atkins, Jeremy Cleary, Mila Garza, Bethany Sandburg, Ethan Scartelli, Nathanael Schlosser, Sarah Stec

Freshmen: Stephen Kadish, Dustin Voelker