Great Lakes Invitational is the marching competition we host here at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park.  This is a large event that needs help from everyone to provide our guests with a top notch experience.  The descriptions of the various volunteering opportunities are listed below.


GLI Information

Information about the GLI event, including for visiting bands, can be found on our GLI page


GLI Sign Up

We need volunteers! You can sign up here:!/showSignUp/30e0449a9a62ea46-2021


GLI Program Ads

Want to add an advertisement to the GLI program, please print a copy of this ad form and submit by Sept 24th

GLI Volunteer Overview

Drum Major Sarah Wohl

The sections below discuss some of the many opportunities to volunteer at the marching band event. The good news is everyone will get to see their own kids perform, so don't worry about missing the show.. Take a look through the list below to find something that might interest you. 

Hand Stampers

Hand stampers will meet with our student marchers to provide a stamp that permits them to re-enter the stadium to watch the performances from the visitor stands.

Ticket Sales

We have two ticket booths at the entrance of the Canton Varsity stadium. Our volunteers in these booths welcome spectators to the event and sell tickets.

Program Sales

Every year we offer a program for sale at the GLI event. These programs are typically sold at a table near the ticket booths at the varsity stadium and in the stands.

Check-In / Band Guides / Pit Guides

The Band Guides and Check-In teams work together to get the bands prepared for the day. Bands will come to the check-in table (typically in Canton North) to pick up their paperwork and meet their band guides. The Band Guides will meet the band to show them which way to go for homeroom, warm ups and performances and make sure they get to their destinations on time. The Pit Guides serve the same role, but for percussion.

Homeroom Chaperons

Homeroom Chaperons help keep an eye on the rooms which our visiting bands will call home during the event. The homerooms are in Canton High School classroomsPCMB GLI Performance.

Show & Equipment Gates

The Show and Equipment gate teams will keep an eye on who is going onto the field by checking assigned credentials. This team will also verify equipment is in proper shape to enter the marching field.  The equipment gate is near the front of the field and is where the pit and props are typically brought onto the field. The Show Gate is toward the back of the field and is where the bands enter the field.

Parking and Security

The Parking team directs trucks and buses from our visiting bands to their parking spaces, which is typically in the bus loop behind Salem,the student parking lot between Salem and Canton North, or both. The Security team travels around our guest parking lots looking for opportunities to assist our guests including offering rides to the gate on golf carts for those who could use the assistance.

First Aid

We call on nurses and other heath care professionals to be available near the field to help assist with any minor injuries and to call for assistance from emergency services for more serious issues.

Raffle Ticket Sales

This is the last chance for our families and guests to get in on the raffle! The winner is announced from the press box at this event. This team will have a table to sell the last minute tickets as well has some volunteers in the stands.

Shout Outs

We need a volunteer to collect messages to be announced at the event and someone to run those messages up to the press box.


The scoring team is responsible for moving materials for our judges. These volunteers bring the forms and thumb drives the judges use to record their findings and collect them at the conclusion of each band's performance for scoring. We have some working on the field and others that work with the judges in the press box.

P-CEP Marching Band performs at GLI


This is the biggest team at the event. There are many roles, including preparing and selling food, working the grill, and running for pizza. Not sure where you want to work? This is a great place to start! We have large concessions, which is the concession stand by the stadium entrance. Small concessions is the smaller both a bit further into the stadium where the menu is smaller so the lines move more quickly. We also have some items for sale in the stands.

Alumni Booth

There have been hundreds of students and their parents who enjoyed their time in the band programs at the Park. GLI is an opportunity to keep in tough with the alumni of the program and invite them to stay connected with the program.

Clean Up

Many hands make for light loads! After a long day of providing a positive environment for our visiting bands and guests there is a large need for help cleaning up. Even if you volunteered elsewhere, we ask to have as many people as possible assist in restoring the classrooms, kitchen, and stadium to the condition we found it before we started.