PCMB LogoWe have been blessed over the years to have wonderful families in our organization who have conducted themselves in a professional and classy manner at our various events. Our organizational philosophy is that we are there to support every band’s efforts, not just our own. A competition is an opportunity to show our respect and admiration for all of the young men and women who work so hard for a quality performance.

While half time shows at football games offer an opportunity to perform for the community, band competitions allow the finer points of a performance to be appreciated. Band competitions call for special considerations from the audience so that everyone can enjoy the performance. We have a responsibility to represent our community, our school, and our band students in a positive and supportive manner.

Please keep the following points in mind whenever you are part of a band competition audience:

  • Save conversations for times between performances. Others want to hear the music and enjoy the show.
  • Wait until a band has completed their show to go for a snack, or to return to your seat after a break. Entering or leaving the stands during a band’s performance is distracting to those watching.
  • Be careful about what you say about the performance of the other bands while you are at a competition. You never know who is sitting near you. Your remarks may hurt the feelings of a parent whose child has worked just as hard as yours, and will leave a lasting negative impression of our school and community.
  • Be careful about complaining about what you hear other schools say about our organization. If you hear someone in the stands making derogatory comments about our students,please take the “high road” and avoid an unnecessary confrontation. 
  • Always applaud every band’s performance, talented soloists, or special marching accomplishments. The students work long and hard to perfect their performance and enjoy your appreciation of their efforts.
  • For outdoor events, always be prepared for inclement weather with a poncho or raincoat, NOT and umbrella. Umbrellas block the view of those behind you, and the spokes can be dangerous in the close quarters of stadium seating. They also drip on the people around you.
  • When you use your video camera to record a performance at local competitions, stand where you will not block the view of other members of the audience. BOA competitions forbid the use of video recording devices.
  • A competition is a partnership between you and your child. Your applause and your efforts will give all our children the necessary encouragement and energy they will need to do a fantastic job and feel successful.
  • Attend as many performances as possible to support our students and enjoy the show.
  • When outside the seating area, do not disturb judges or competition officials. Do not approach or interrupt the concentration of the band directors, instructors or students. They are all focusing on the upcoming performance.
  • If you see a host or volunteer, please thank them for their efforts and hard work for providing this event for our children.

Thank you