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We had an informational meeting on Monday, March 26 in the PHS band room. This meeting included general information about the P-CEP Band programs and some specifics regarding Marching Band.

Here is some information which will be covered during the meeting. There will be more information posted here as well.


Remember we have many resources to get additional information about the program:

  • The most important step is to sign up for Fanouts, which is our e-mail based message system.
  • Visit the Keeping in Touch page for all the ways we diseminate information
  • Ask our New Member Representative Sarah Rutman
  • Ask our Directors Jon Thomann and Michael Wells
  • Ask our Treasurer Armando Saucedo for any questions about your student's account
  • Question about specific topics, such as Uniforms, Crew or Web/Fanout - visit our Contact Page
  • Ask other parents who have been in the program in previous years

2018-2019 Band Placement

The music for placement in the 2018-2019 school year can be found under Student Forms.


Mentor Parents

We have a list of amazing parents who are also available to answer questions specific to your child's section. Read our Mentor Parents 2018 page for more information.



In everything we do, we believe in teaching students to reach their potential. We believe in
critical thinking, creativity, and growth.

The way we challenge students is by engaging them in understanding that the road between
goal setting and achievement is paved with discipline and consistency.

We just happen to do it through music.