Thought crime opens in collective harmony and features the struggle for individual thought in an organized society. Each time an original expression emerges, it is soon quashed by the collective.

The show peaks with a spectacular transformation of colorful individuals into silver plated drones.


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1999 Show Shirt 1999 Show Shirt Back Threepeat Shirt Threepeat Shirt Back Observer Article (September 19): Band tunes for fall show Observer Article (October 10): PCEP marching band a close 2nd at regional Observer Article (October 17th): Band marches to their own pipers Observer Article (November 4th): Band continues it`s dominance, wins 6th state championship in a row Detroit News Article (November 16th): Plymouth band wins national championship Ann Arbor News (November 17th): Covering PCMB national championship Crier Article (November 17): National Championship Observer Article (November 18th): Bandtastic! - Observer article covering PCMB national championship performance Graphic from those memorable `Watching Eye` flags This larger than life poster was positioned on the field for the National championship 1999 show



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