Using the themes and imagery of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe we explore the world of the human conscience.  How our guilt and the things we hide about ourselves can not be kept locked under floors and behind walls forever.

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2009 Show Shirt 2009 Show Shirt Back 2009 Show Pin Recruitment Article in Observer (February 26): Spring article announcing PCMB recruitment meetings Observer Article (March 8): P-CEP musicians take festival stage. Announcements in Observer (March 8): Recruitment and Craft Fair Observer Article, March 12 - Still Looking for a Director Observer Article - Memorial Day Parade Observer Article - Mr. Armbruster is Joining PCMB Observer Article (September 3): Spirited Start - Staffers Rally as Schools Near Opening Observer Article (September 20): Diane Hanson`s return to marching with her continued coverage of PCMB shows for the Observer Observer Article (September 23): Band puts on new show, new music, same tradition. This article covers our first performance of the 2009 season. Detroit News (October 9): A notice about GLI Observer Article (October 15): Strong Finals performance nets band 2nd at regional Regional Medallion: The PCMB was the Class AAAA Regional champion at this year`s EMU contest. Regional Tickets Day Pass Observer Article (October 25): Great Lakes Invitational competition Observer Article (November 5): Ready for States - our Huron Valley performance and looks forward to the upcoming State competition Freep Article (November 11): State Competition is Today - PCMB is mentioned in this Free Press article covering states. Freep Article (November 8): States Results Observer Article (November 12): Back on top - Plymouth-Canton marchers recapture state title. MCBA State Finals Tickets State and Regional patches from the 2009 marching band season. State Championship Medallion: Each marcher received one of these following Saturdays MCBA state championships Back side of State Champions medallion Here are a pair of fresh Prelims tickets for Fridays performance BOA Semi-Finals Tickets: A pair of semis tickets for Saturday`s performance Observer Article (November 19): RECAP of PCMB season and of this year`s Nationals tough finish BOA Nationals Participation Certificate Observer Article (November 26): - Army All Stars - Three PCMB marchers were chosen! Read the article to find out who. Certificate for Outstanding Performance awarded to all members at the 2009 Band Bandquet Bandquet Place Setting This graphic appeared on when our 2009 show was officially announced Most Anticipated, Most Dreaded: Having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting.  You have worked 4 hard years to earn this award and sadly having it means your will never march with the PCMB again. Savor the memories. Eye Flag: Why are you looking at me - Stop looking at me! Red Flag: The Red flame flags set off the opener just when things really get going. Green Flag




Marching Band Rehearsal Edit:


Marching Band Variety Is Perfomance:

Winter Drumline Community Performance:



Voices from Beneath the Surface - Can I take it back?

Voices from Beneath the Surface - Why are you looking at me?

Voices from Beneath the Surface - Why did this have to happen?


Beneath the Surface

Concert Band - Georgian Suite - Samuel R Hazo

Concert Band - Ave Maria

Concert Band - Rhythm Machine

Symphonic Band - Percistance - Richard Saucedo

Symphonic Band - Cest Noel

Symphonic Band - Impermatrix

Varsity Band - Ancient Ritual

Varsity Band - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Varsity Band - Asian Folk Rapsody

Wind Ensemble - Stars and Stripes Forever

Wind Ensemble - Up

Wind Ensemble - Armenian Dances

Wind Ensemble - Sleighride