If you are reading this it means that our predictions of a rebirth following the cataclysmic events slated for the end of 2012 did indeed come to pass.

Our show for 2012 guides the spectator through the horrible end of it all where we are taken to a silent, dead world.  Finally a rebirth and return of the wondrous gift; a world we all, now, take for granted.

Michigan Competing Band Association Results


Bands of America 2012 Results

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2012 Show Shirt 2012 Show Shirt - Back  Nationals Article (Source and Date unknown)Observer Article (November 11): Band Marches to Regional TitleObserver Article (October 25): Indy Super Regionals - The article covers the band at the BOA Indy Super Regionals Observer Article (October 18): Rain Can`t Dampen Spirits at Band Invitation - The article covers the performances at GLIObserver Article (November 1): Marchers Red Hot at Cold Invitational - The band at Huron Valley Invitational Free Press (November 03): Marching for Victory on Ford FieldFree Press (November 6): Plymouth-Canton Band Marches to VictoryObserver (November 8): After State Title, P-CEP Marchers Set for NationalsObserver (November 15): Among the BestObserver Article (November 11): Boosters Drive Action Behind the Scenes - The article covers some of the work that the equipment haulers, uniform washers, fund raisers, and the rest of the boosters do everydayObserver Article (November 15, 2012): Among the Best - Plymouth-Canton`s drum majors and guard members accept the award for being the 12th place finalistObserver (December 23): Strike Up The Band - Board of Education Honors the BandObserver Article: Pontiac Regionals Pontiac Regional Ticket  Flags of 2012: The Candelabra Flags of 2012: Rejoice Flags of 2012: Nature`s Rebirth Flags of 2012: Tie Died Flags



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