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The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park library goes a long way back.  These recordings were originally taken on reel-to-reel tape and transferred to CD.  From CD, they were converted to MP3 and then to YouTube (to save on Web hosting space).  In the process, some parts of the recordings were lost.  Some of the documentation is a little sketchy as well.  Where available, the notes that accompanied the MP3s were added.  In some cases, the notes include titles, but they titles don't necessarily align with the track numbers.

Are you familiar with these pieces?  Can you match the title with the performance or give any background about the recordings?  Let us know!


March 7th, 1970 - District Band Festival

March 7th, 1970
District Band Festival
Plymouth HS Symphony Band
James Griffity, Cond

Recorded at Gross Pointe North H.S. Auditorium

Plymouth H.S. Symphony Band, James R. Griffith Conductor

  1. Announcer
  2. Departure ONE by Higgins
  3. Required Number, 2nd Suite by Jager
  4. Selected No. Manzoni Requiem (Excerpts) by Giuseppe Verdi

For Music Enthusiests
Giuseppe Verdi wrote a mass in memory of his close friend Allesandro Manzoni. Emil Mollenhauer has arranged five sections from that mass into one of the most powerful works for concert band ever scored. This emotional rollercoaster takes the listener from the depths of aural gloom to some of the most brilliant of tutti passages. An immense work of gigantic proportion!

Directors Plug for VarietyIS

1st Suite In Eb -- Holts

Prelude and Fugue in G Minor

Three Songs for Christmas

Worlds Fair March


March 7th, 1970 - District Band Festival (continued)

Plymouth H.S. Band, James Griffith Conductor

  1. Announcer in track 5
  2. Watergate - by Pierson
  3. Required number, 2nd suite by Jager
  4. Select Number, Prelude and Dance by Crestin


Departure ONE-March

2nd Suite by Jager

Manzoni Requiem - Excerpts - by Giuseppe Verdi


Watergate - Pierson

2nd Suite by Jager

Prelude and Dance - Crestin

Track No9



April 25, 1970 - State Festival

  1. Watergate march
  2. 2nd Suite-Jaeger
  3. Prelude and Dance - Creston

Moderator Introduction

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5


May Festival

All we have regarding these recordings is the name "May Festival"

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Broadway Medley

With Choir