The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park library goes a long way back.  These recordings were originally taken on reel-to-reel tape and transferred to CD.  From CD, they were converted to MP3 and then to YouTube (to save on Web hosting space).  In the process, some parts of the recordings were lost.  Some of the documentation is a little sketchy as well.  Where available, the notes that accompanied the MP3s were added.  In some cases, the notes include titles, but they titles don't necessarily align with the track numbers.

Are you familiar with these pieces?  Can you match the title with the performance or give any background about the recordings?  Let us know!


MSBOA Festival Dist #12 1980 Event# 215

Plymouth CON. Band Plymouth
Director -- Carl Battishill


Track 1

Track 5

Track 9

Track 10


May 14, 1980 - Concert

Jazz Piece

March Piece

Track 3

Piece 4

Piece 5

Jazz Piece

March Piece

Piece 8

Features Bones

Piece 10

Jazz Piece -- Girl from Ipanema

March Piece

Piece 13

Piece 14