Dave Goodman, Matt Katafiasz, and Josh Kempfer

PCMB Marching Band often is where lifetime friedships form and these guys are off to a good start. It has been nearly 4 years since this group last marched together and they are still close friends. Dave and Charles have been roommates at the University of Michigan freshman year. Senior year plans have Dave, Josh, and Charles sharing an apartment on campus.

"We are going to have four engineers of different disciplines all living in one apartment. Our technical knowledge will be very high, but we probobly won't spell well. We will have fun and probably not sleep to much." - Joshua

"You carry the 200+ friends made during your short time in PCMB with you for the rest of your life. Some of these friends are bound to follow you after you head off into life. Josh Kempfer, David Telgin, Charles Vink and I all decided to pursue Engineering at the University of Michigan. After hanging out with such wonderful people in High School and College it only makes sense to live together." -Dave

Whenever the guys get together for somthing important they are sure to include Matt who attends nearby Eastern Michigan University. This years adventure was a trek to Michigan's upper penninsula where everything was really socked in following a month of heavy snows.

The quarter mile trek from car to cabin through knee deep snow took the better part of an hour. Tobaggon and supplies in toe the guys finally chissled open the cabin door and proceeded to make a fire to warm.

Snow Path "We went out to a field around 11pm the first night to look at the stars. I saw more stars than I ever saw in my life. I could actually see the Milky Way. One thing I was not expecting was the absolute silence. No cars driving by or planes flying overhead. It was one of the most serene experiences of my life." -Joahua

There is not always alot to do when you are hold up in a show bound cabin. Euchre and cooking were the highlights. Unless digging out a frozen propane tank counts.

Did we mention that this is not a winterized cabin. There is no operable plumbing during the frozen months.

Dispelling any notion of truely roughing it, the boys were able to chissel out a clear path from the cabin to the wood shed. No late nite wet feet for these guys when fire stoking is needed!

When it was time to return to the tamer parts of Michigan the guys only needed two toboggan loads to repack the car.

Heat on full... the troop headed to the Macinac bridge and onward to home.

"Friendships made in PCMB, forged over hot asphalt in practice, last a lifetime." -Dave