GettingHookedI got hooked on the band program when my Mom took me to see Variety is.... when my older brother was in symphony band.  Most likely around 1974 or 1975. The stage Band played McArthur Park which blew me away (hey, I was like, twelve).  I think Steve Horton and Bill Steele played solo's on sax and trumpet respectfully. The Marching band came marching in from both sides of Salem Auditorium Blasting Hawaiian war Chant and Temptation as the nights big finale.

They also had taken a bunch of old beat up horns and welded trumpets, flutes and trombones into weird configurations performed on them in goofey shop class quartets and trio's while they changed band set ups behind the curtains. I think the gas powered fiddle was their finale (it was a chain saw).  Those upper classmen were inspiring and a bit intimidating to freshman arriving at camp Innisfree.  I had seen pictures of Mark Stroebel on "The Stump" in my older brothers yearbook paying the price for failing to play the fight song by memory.  The price being covered head to toe in shaving cream by the upperclassmen.  Still, while there was work to be done, we had time for a trip to the sand dunes and football games in the evening.

On our way way home that August of 1977, one of the five chartered busses developed some sort of problem and the 191 member band left for home on four busses instead. This was fine until somewhere between Cadillac and Pontiac (The cities, not two cars) another bus broke down and we had to cram all the quiptment luggage and personel onto the three remaining busses. This was quite a feat and I fortunate enough to be amongst a pile of color gaurd and flutist's rather than the infamous tuba/trombone section of Sullivan/Klieber and Sullivan.  This was a good intro to close quarters 101.  Many other bus rides and stories would follow.

I hope to read other stories of days gone by, as alumni of this band grows year after year, it's a great way to preserve the history for the 2077 Plymouth Canton Salem Marching Band.

P.S. ...... SSgt. Greg Markley has been playing In drum and Bugle for 25 years and without a doubt, he's an old timer.