First performance

Hi everyone! My name is Richard LaBoda and I started out in the Marching Band playing Bass Drum and then Quads for my last two years. I just wanted to say a few things here about how Marching Band had such an impact on me. I think everyone will relate to this. I'll never forget that first football game I went to when I was a Freshman and seen the Marching Band perform at halftime. I remember the Theme for that year was "The Flintstones" "84".  We captured numerous caption awards along with Best Percussion at most Competitions.

A spark ignited in me

Drum LineWhen the Band started to play and I heard the Drumline a spark ignited in me and I said to myself, I have to be a part of this!

I was very nervous at the Drumline tryouts, but my determination to be a part of this organization took over. I don't think I will ever forget when they told me I made it! Like all of you I am sure, we didn't care for after school practices too much. Marching in the Cold and Rain of course was not a nice way to spend after School. The highlight of all the practice of course was Competition Saturday, for those of us who competed. Thanks to all of the former Band member's, Instructor's, Drill and Music writer's and of course the fantastic talent of the current Band member's and Staff, we had a Band from 85-87 that kicked some serious butt! I'll never forget getting off the bus at the competition's wearing our uniform! I was so honored to be a part of the Plymouth Canton Marching Band! When the Drumline would line up for our exercise drill's, I felt so great when other Band's would hear us! Sure, it helped being the best Marching Band and Drumline in the State, but I would have loved it just as much If we were not.

I truly miss Marching Band

Marching band performingI'll never forget when we played our last show at The Bands of America Grand Nationals in Michigan.

It felt like I died when I was coming home knowing that was the last time I would march again! I truly feel that was the best time of my life in Marching Band! I truly miss Marching Band as I am sure everyone does! Their is not one Fall season that goes by where I do not think of Marching
Band. I have my letter framed hanging in my room along with photos of our Band which keeps me thinking of that great ! time in my life.

Oh yea, lets not forget Band Camp! Camp Kohana! I could go on and on with so many great memories I have of Band as I am sure everyone does!!! By the way, a few year's ago I went to watch the Band play and stopped by the Band Room. For those of us in the 85-87 year's, all of our award's and pennants are still on display along with Band Photo's at some of our Competition's! Pre 85 and post 87 also! Yea, I flet pretty good! Remember the Tropicana Music Bowl where we came in first place?? I think that was in Ohio? That was hanging in the front of the Band Room!!!!!!!!!!

To all the Alumni of the 1987 Season, we should have kicked Durand's butt at State's! We where so much better than them! We proved it at National's! If it was not for that rain which made us fall all over the field and phase, we would have won! If I remember, we came in 13th place at National's in 87? The top 12 made Final's? We where almost their! By the way, our Drumline took Best Percussion in the Preliminaries at National's in 87!

Drum LineCongratulations to all the Band members who won the BOA Grand Nationals and made Final's!!!! When I was in Marching Band, our goal was to make Final's. We always knew If we made Final's we would have went far! We never did and that has haunted me to this day! We all worked so hard and I wish we would have. I wish everyone who Marched for Plymouth could have experienced Competition! I am sure all of our previous band's would have kicked butt also!!!!

It was an honor to be a part of this

In closing I would like to say this, I miss all of you who I marched with and all the great times we had on and off the field! Of course one of the best parts of Band was the friendships and good times we had together! It was an honor to be a part of this with you! I will never forget you and the times I had in Band as long as I live! Take Care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard LaBoda 85-87 Drumline