You can access the categories screen by clicking on the Categories button in the Photo Upload Panel. 

There are many categories in PhotoShare spanning many years. To make the upload process easier we created a specific category called "Upload" to upload your photos.  You may or may not see additional categories under the Upload directory depending on what categories other members have created for thiie photos or administrators have created.  These categories help the site administrators move the photos to the correct locations so they can be approved for publication.  The categories you create might be deleted after your photos are uploaded to the main gallery pages, so you might need to create them again when uploading more photos.


There are two buttons on the categories page.  The first, named "New category", gets you to the screen where you can create a new category for your photos.  The second button, which is at the bottom of the screen, is named "Back to 'My Gallery'".  This button returns you to the Photo Upload Panel.


There are two options that affect the categories display.

  • Display Num: This control, located right under the New category button, controls how many categories are displayed in this screen.
  • Select State: This controls whether the categories that are published or not published are listed.  Set back to "Select State" to remove the filtering


The table shows all the categories you created, and allows you to edit or delete the categories you have already created (if any).

  • Click on the name of the category to rename it.  There is no need to add a description.
  • Images tells you how many images are in that category.
  • Parent tells you to which category this category belongs.
  • Actions allows you to either edit or delete the category
  • Published shows whether the Published setting is set.  This has no effect since these photos will not be published until the administrator moves the photos to their designated locations.
  • The Back to My Gallery button returns you to the Photo Upload Panel.

Creating Categories

Clicking on the "New category" button takes you to the screen where you can create your category.

  • Title is the name of the category you are creating. Be sure to be descriptive in this title so we know where on the site the photos uploaded to this category should be files.
  • Parent Category is where you specify where in the path you want your category to be placed.  For example, if you created a "Nationals" category, you can create "Prelims", "Semi Finals" and "Finals" categories under it.  You can also just create "Nationals Prelims", "Nationals Semi Finals" and "Nationals Finals" at the top "Upload" directory. All that really matters is that the source of the photos can be identified.
  • All the other fields can be ignored. They are either not used or set to their default so no changes are required.
  • The Save and Cancel buttons are at the bottom of the screen
  • FTP Categories: If you are using an FTP client to upload photos, you will need to create folders with descriptive names and upload your photos in the directories you create.  Refer to the FTP Uploads tab of the Upload section of the Upload Panel for more information. 

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