PhotoShare is a great way to share your experiences with others.  There are a few things to keep in mind to make the process easier both for you and for the site administrators.  The directions come in four parts as show below.  The first is this page with general information, and the other three with specific information about the three Web pages you will need to use to share your photos.



What is PhotoShare?

PhotoShare is the place where you can share your photographs with registered members of this Web site.  Many of these photos will show up in the video yearbook and the slide show at the band bandquet as well as other publications (including this site).  We encourage everyone who takes pictures at any band event to share them here.

What can I share?

You can share any photographs you took at any band event, whether it be Marching Band, one of the Concert programs, a Winter program, any fund raiser or any event that involves the band.  If you have items for the scrapbook, such as newspaper articles or miscellaneous graphics, send a note to the General Information box on the contacts page.

How do I share my photos?

There are three components of the PhotoShare Upload function.


After you upload your photos, a site administrator will migrate them to their proper place in the PhotoShare Gallery.  They will not be visible to the public until they have been migrated, but you will still be able to view your photos through this panel.

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