Variety Is

Do you have a special talent? Are you a dancer, singer, comedian, or magician? Do you play in a band? Are you a part of a cheer team, dance troupe, or any group act?

Have you ever wanted to be on America's Got Talent?

This is your opportunity!! Come audition to be a part of "Variety Is..." A Park Wide Variety show!  

"Variety Is..." is a student run talent show hosted in the Gloria Logan Auditorium for Performing Arts at Salem High School every winter.  Students from all three schools at the park are invited to share their talents - you do not need to be in the P-CEP bands to perform. 

We held our 51st annual "Variety Is..." on December 13, 2019. We look forward to hosting the event again in December of 2020!


Abhimanyu Deshpande Performs a Traditional Bollywood Selection (2016) Alexis Berent and Kallie Ives Perform"Volcano" (2016) Jeremiah Brown Demonstrates a Tang Soo Do Routine (2016)

 Arah Samuels performs "At Last" (2015)  A Variety Presentation by the Asian Pacific American Club, or APAC (2016)