You are invited to exhibit your hand-made Art and/or Crafts at the


WHERE: Plymouth High School – 8400 Beck Road, Canton MI
DATE: Saturday, March 28, 2020
TIME: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
SET UP: Friday, 5:30 - 8:30 PM (no early admission) & Saturday, 6:30-8:30 AM



$55 for 8' X 3' space
$75.00 for 10' X 6' space
$150.00 for two adjacent 10' X 6' spaces
$100.00 for 10' X 10' space
$200.00 for two adjacent 10' X 10' spaces
$125.00 for 10’ x 10’ corner or end space
$250.00 for two adjacent 10’ x 10’ spaces

1 Exhibitor
per Space
Table Rentals: $15.00 each
(6' and 8' tables available)
Every booth space receives two chairs



  • Only complete, printed, signed and paid applications will be entered into the Jury Process.
  • Accepted payment does not guarantee a booth reservation. If the show/category is full or you are declined by the jury, a full refund will be sent.
  • There is an additional $20 fee for spaces that have access to electricity. If you are requesting a space along the perimeter of the cafeteria or the electrical spaces in the hall, please provide pictures of your craft/set-up showing that you require electricity. Electrical spaces will be assigned on as “as-needed-basis” due to the limited quantity available to stay in compliance with the fire code.
  • No direct marketing items are permitted (ie: Paparazzi, Pampered Chef, etc).
  • No outdoor tents/canopies permitted.
  • Your display racks, tables, framing, shelves, etc MUST fit in and remain in your allotted booth space.
  • Your booth number MUST be visible at all times.
  • Student and parent volunteers will be available to assist you upon arrival and upon departure.
  • Volunteers will be available throughout the day should you need a break.

By completing and submitting this form I agree to the following:

  • I accept responsibility of my display and materials. My display will be put together to ensure the safety of the patrons and other vendors.
  • I agree to display my items within my designated space and understand that my booth number must be in plain view at all times.
  • I understand that teardown/clean-up may not begin before 4:00pm. Early teardown/clean-up may impact acceptance into future shows.
  • I agree to leave the rented space as it was when I arrived, free from trash, zip-ties, boxes, etc. Failure to clean up may impact acceptance into future shows.
  • I understand that smoking and using e-cigarettes is prohibited on school property.
  • I understand that PCMB/PCCS are not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items or for injury that may occur while on school property.
  • I understand that the Craft Show Committee will do their best to honor requests that are made. I also understand that not all requests will be able to be granted.
  • I understand that I will be asked to provide an item for the Craft Show Raffle. These items will acknowledge and identify the booth number of the donor.
  • I will park my vehicle in the designated parking lot and will not park on the grass.

Submitting an application to be juried:

  1. Complete the application.
  2. Print and sign the application.
  3. Remit payment of booth rental and, if needed, table rental or electricity fee.
  4. Enclose 4 pictures with your application:
    1. 2 pictures of your products
    2. 1 picture of your work in progress
    3. 1 picture of your set up/display
  5. Mail everything to:

Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters
Attn: Craft Show
PO Box 701135
Plymouth, MI 48170

Note you no longer need to include a self-addressed envelope 

Once the Jury Process occurs:

  1. Requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis, in the order in which the completed and paid-in-full application was received.
  2. NEW THIS YEAR: You will receive an email notification of your acceptance into the Craft Show! Included with that will be a PDF of this season’s Craft Show Poster/Postcard. Please share with your family, friends, and customers. Feel free to print them out and distribute if you would like to!
  3. If the show or your category is full or you are declined by the jury, an email will be sent stating that information and a full refund will be sent out as soon as possible.

 Questions may be referred to Teresa Eby -