Winterguard 2017The Winter Guard program takes the Color Guard off the football field and into the gymnasium.  The guard performs many of the same type of movements they do in marching band, but they perform to recorded music rather than accenting a live musical performance.  Judges critique the show and give the guard a score and a ranking among other guards in their own class.

A typical performance starts with the crew (typically the guard parents) rolling out a large printed or painted vinyl tarp across the gym floor to serve as the stage for the show.  The guard members set up their equipment and get ready for their performance.  Then the music starts and the magic starts!  The performers will dance, twirl flags, spin rifles or sabers, and sometimes use other props to tell their story.  When the performance ends the guard collects their equipment and the crew folds up and hauls out the tarp to clear the field for the next group. 

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 Registration is open, please click on the link to complete the Winter Guard 2021/2022 Participation Agreement.