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We are incredibly excited to introduce the information for the 2018 P-CEP Alumni Band!!! We will be performing alongside the current PCMB with our traditional rendition of “TEMPTATION”!

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For any questions, please contact:

Mr. Wells:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mr. Sparling:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • All former band members and graduates of P-CEP are eligible to participate if they graduated or otherwise left the program in good standing. Musicians and color guard members are all invited to participate.


  • Plymouth High School and P-CEP Varsity Stadium


Friday, October 5th

  • 5:45-6:15 : Arrive and rehearse TEMPTATION with the Band!
  • 6:15-6:30 : Break
  • 6:30 : Travel to Varsity Stadium
  • 7:00 : Kick-Off
  • ~8:00 : Half-Time - Perform TEMPTATION!

Cost: FREE

  • We are asking for a suggested donation of $10
  • This would go to cover borrowed instrument wear and tear
  • http://www.pcmb.net/boosters/pcmb-payments (select Donation type, no need to fill out CCOP information unless you choose to participate in that program)


  • Any PCMB apparel, especially from the years when you marched!
  • Don't have any PCMB apparel? Visit HERE

Music and .MP3’s:

All required music and accompanying .mp3 are posted here.



The 2017 marching band season saw the return of the P-CEP Alumni Band and we couldn’t have been more happy to do so! We welcomed back Alumni spanning the years of 1981-2016 and were able to meet many new faces!

The Band Room, which is now housed in Plymouth High School, was decorated with many old trophies, pictures, and uniforms. It was great to hear some of the amazing stories of years past and see the students hear more about the legacy they are now a huge part of. Many of them saw how much pride the Alumni took in the marching band and we hope they will do the same!

Bringing back “Temptation” was quite a fun time and it was awesome seeing many of the audience members really enjoy the performance. We are already looking forward to Alumni Band next year and are excited about the opportunity to reconnect Alumni with
the program that has meant so much to so many!

Reach for the Moon and Stars!

Be on the look out for more Alumni opportunities in the near future and stay connected:

This Web site - www.pcmb.net

P-CEP Bands Alumni Facebook Group


Alumni Debbie Royston (1987) and Kristan Rodwell (1991)Alumni Debbie Royston (1987) and Kristan Rodwell (1991)Alum George Markley (1987)Alum George Markley (1987)Alum Melanie Notestine DraperAlum Melanie Notestine DraperCurrent student Nathan Draper (2020) and alum Melanie Notestine DraperNathan Draper (2020) and Melanie Notestine DraperAlum Nathan Rodwell (2017)Alum Nathan Rodwell (2017)Alumni Liam Breen (2016), Alex Farrel (2016), Jacob Zygmunt (2016) and Colin Walter (2017)Alumni Liam Breen (2016), Alex Farrel (2016), Jacob Zygmunt (2016) and Colin Walter (2017)Alum Justin Broome (1991)Alum Justin Broome (1991)