P-CEP Jazz Band Performing at Savannah Georgia Music Festival - 2019The jazz program at the park offers students an in-depth education in all things jazz. Students will gain knowledge in ensemble playing, improvisation, jazz history and listening skills. As a member of the ensembles each student will work with professional working musicians from the Detroit area as well as have the opportunity to travel and perform with World renowned jazz musicians and educators.

There are three ensembles that make up the program and all are skill based. Placement in the ensembles is by audition only and all ensembles rehearse after school. The premier ensemble, The John Coltrane Ensemble, is made up primarily of upper classmen. This ensemble is made up of 18 musicians and travels to festivals and performs throughout the community. The second ensemble, The Miles Davis Ensemble, operates as an entry level ensemble and is the perfect group for students that don't have all of the experience that some of the older students do. The final ensemble, The Sonny Rollins Ensemble, is a small combo that focuses on the basics of jazz improvisation and small group playing.

Jazz music has an incredibly important place in American music history and is taken very seriously at the park. Emphasis on learning scales, various styles, harmony and improvisation are the keys to our program. All ensembles are open to anyone that wishes to audition and have a willingness to work hard and have a great time playing music. Auditions are typically held in mid-November and rehearsals begin the week after Thanksgiving break.


Registration is open, please click on the link to complete the Jazz 2022 Participation Agreement.