This is an article about volunteering from our former Secretary, Ann Greenough

Keeping this marching band organization going takes lots of people and we need your help.

I learned this when I volunteered to chaperone for Grand Nationals in Indianapolis. What did I get out of it? I met new people, attended the closed rehearsals, and experienced the joy of learning that we made semi-finals and the heartbreak of not moving on to finals with the kids. I witnessed the support and comfort these students gave each other. This bonding is something I will never forget.

How can you help? We have lots of volunteer opportunities available. Some opportunities are yearlong commitments and some are one day commitments.

Have you ever wanted to be in a parade? We always need parents to walk with the kids in the Memorial Day and July 4th parades. This is a commitment of a couple of hours on one day.

Like football? We need chaperones for the Friday night football games. You walk over with the band, sit with the band, pass out water, watch the football game and walk back with the band. This is a commitment for a couple of hours on a Friday night.

We Need You!Plymouth-Canton Marching Band hosts a band competition called GLI here at the Park. We need lots of volunteers for this event. We need people to sell tickets, programs, and raffle tickets. We have concession stands so we need people to sell food for us. We have opportunities for you to be part of the food crew for this event. We need graphic designers for the GLI program as well as people to sell advertisements. There are also opportunities to be band guides, pit guides, check in the bands attending the competition just to name a few. Most of these jobs are one day or a couple of hours during the day.

Long term opportunities include being on the equipment crew. You travel with the band, load and unload the semi-trailer, and move the equipment on and off the field.

PCMB feeds the kids when we are at away competitions. The food crew always needs help cooking and serving the kids. It's amazing the amount of food they fix and how quickly the kids demolish it.

Be a Uniform Magician or washer parent. They need people to measure students for uniforms, wash the uniforms after competitions, and be on hand with extra shoes, shakos, and tape to mend uniforms on the fly.

Our fundraising committee is always looking for people to help out. You can be on the committee if you want long term commitment. You can return pop can, help with the car wash or craft show for a one day commitments.

Me? I was on the Scrip fundraising committee, chaperone, organize band/pit guides for GLI and serve on the PCMB Board of Directors. The best part of volunteering is my son telling everyone but me that he is glad that I'm involved.