Our PCMB  and PCMB Alumni Fanout system is our primary means to reach out to our membership.  The music programs at the P-CEP are dynamic with lots of activity and in many cases last minute notifications and changes.  We highly recommend all our members sign up for these important messages, whether you are a student or a parent of a student in Marching Band, the concert programs or one of our winter ensembles.

Note - we sent our last message from the old fanout system on August 15, 2020. Please sign up with the new system using the link below.


Signing Up for the PCMB Fanout

Subscribing is easy.  Click on this PCMB Fanout and fill out the online form to subscribe. This is the primary means of communication, and the one to which all current members should subscribe.

Note we are not publishing an Alumni Fanout at this time.


Common Questions and Issues

Still have questions?  Send a message to the general information box on the contacts page or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..