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Scrip is a gift card purchasing program that raises funds for both the booster organization as a whole and for the individual students' account to cover program fees. 

Already know what this is all about?  Here is the link:


Enrollment Code

Contact our Scrip Coordinator, Tammy Sivic, to get the enrollment code, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New to Scrip?  Here is some more information about the program and how it can help reduce fees.

Scrip Table

The Scrip table is where you go to pick up your gift card order, and is open on just about every Tuesday (watch your fanouts for schedule changes). There are often other things going on during that time, such as picking up items from fund raisers or collecting of funds for group purchases like t-shirts and videos.  It is also a great opportunity to ask questions about anything involving the band.  

The Scrip table is usually located in the hallway next to the band door. Look for the Yellow Truck when you pull into Plymouth High School and enter through the glass doors next to it. On Booster Meeting nights, the Scrip table is inside the band room, which is through the gray doors by the truck.   The Scrip table is occasionally held off site when the building is closed, whether scheduled or due to weather.  Fanouts will be sent anytime the table is in an alternate location.


Purchasing Scrip Cards

We all buy gas, food and clothing.  Many of us eat at restaurants regularly (or at least occasionally). We go to the movies. From time to time, we buy a new computer or take on do-it-yourself home improvements. Purchasing Scrip – another name for gift cards – is a way to do what we do every day AND raise funds to help pay your student’s band fees as well as help PCMB as a whole.

Through Great Lakes Scrip, more than 700 merchants offer the face value of the gift card AND a contribution ranging from 1.5 percent to 16 percent based on the dollar value of the card. Your student’s account receives 75 percent of the contribution and PCMB gets 25 percent and any temporary bonuses that are occasionally offered by certain merchants.

Contributions vary quite a bit. Restaurants typically offer a bigger contribution than a gasoline retailer. Department stores and specialty retailers are all over the lot in what they offer. Kohl’s accepts gift cards as payment for credit card balances. So if you shop there with a Kohl’s credit card, you can get the typical percent-off coupons they offer and then order Kohl’s gift cards through scrip to pay your bill.

It takes some planning to make Scrip work, but if you think about what you need tomorrow and what you may do six months from now, you can really knock down your student’s band fees. Here’s an example of what a typical weekly Scrip order might look like:


Total $320.00   $16.23
Banana Republic $25.00 14.0% $3.50
Burger King $10.00 4.0% $0.40
Family Video $10.00 12.0% $1.20
Target $25.00 2.5% $0.63
Speedway $25.00 4.0% $1.00
Home Depot $100.00 4.0% $4.00
Kohl's $100.00 4.0% 4.00
CVS $25.00 6.0% $1.50


It doesn’t look like much until you add it up across the weeks. When you figure in special events like birthdays, graduations and Christmas presents, it can add up in a hurry. Some people have been able to cover all their band related costs by using Scrip.  Even if you don't use the program as extensively as those, you can make a significant dent in your fees.

Ready to Get Started?

The first step is to decide what you want to purchase.  Plan on buying mulch for the yard?  Order a Home Depot card first.  Taking Mom out for dinner on her birthday?  Find her favorite restaurant in the Scrip list.  Planning on driving up north?  Purchase a gas card.

ShopWithScrip is the site for ordering your gift cards. You will need to create an account on the site to submit your orders.  You have two options for paying for your cards:

  1. Create your order on-line and print it out to bring to the Scrip table with your check on Tuesday.  The Scrip coordinators will be able to see the order as soon as you submit it, but they can't place the order until you pay for them.
  2. Pay for your cards at the time you order them with PrestoPay (see below).  You don't need to come in to pay for your order if you did so on-line.  You will need to come in the following Tuesday to pick up your cards. 

Signing up for Scrip

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register at the top of the page
  3. Click on Join Existing Program
  4. Enter our program enrollment code (see Enrollment Code above for info)
  5. Enter the required information, and optional information if you chose, then click on the Register button
  6. Now you can shop online!

Need Your Cards Right Away?

Sometimes you need the card right away.  You need that mulch for your yard, but you forget to order Scrip last Tuesday.  Maybe you're iPad broke and you need to replace it right away.  Sometimes at the end of the work day, the family would rather go out rather than prepare a meal at home.  You're in luck!  Scrip has a ScripNow option that provides immediate delivery as long as you pay for it using PrestoPay.  In fact, many people will purchase their Scrip on their smart phones while standing in the checkout line or enjoying their after-dinner coffee.  You will receive a printable electronic gift card you can take with you or the merchant can scan right off of your phone.


PrestoPay is a bit like PayPal, except the fees are much lower.  In fact, the fee is only $0.15 per transaction.  You will need to link PrestoPay to your checking account to use this service.

  1. Register for ShopWithScrip using the steps above.
  2. Log into your ShowWithScrip account and click on the PrestoPay link at the bottom of the Dashboard page.
  3. Follow the directions provided.
  4. Contact Tammy Sivic with the code provided at the end of the enrollment process.

A few Scrip tips:

  • Buy scrip gift cards ahead of time and store them in a small plastic accordion files. Keep one in the car with fast food cards, gas cards, etc. Keep another at home with cards used less often – such as sit-down restaurant cards, clothing stores, movie theater cards, book stores etc.
  • Your loyalty programs at gas stations (e.g. Speedy Rewards) work with Scrip cards. Your points will add up just as quickly with Scrip as with cash or credit.
  • If you’re going to do major improvements on your home, buy a new washer and dryer or a new computer, start purchasing Home Depot, Lowe’s or Dell Computer cards ahead of time. At $25 or $50 a week, the project cost will be covered with less pain when it is time to pay. And you’ll be getting Scrip credit all along.
  • Think about starting a Scrip Christmas club. Purchase gift cards throughout the year and set them aside for gifts or use on something you would purchase as a gift. Take note of the frequent contribution bonuses from select merchants. Those bonuses go directly to PCMB and help defray the cost of the Scrip program.
  • At Christmas, offer to be a “personal shopper” for relatives, friends and co-workers who plan to buy gift cards. You can deliver to them within a week and they save time and gasoline
  • If you work for a company that gives “incentives” or “gifts” for reaching goals or for special occasions, offer to purchase the gift cards.
  • If you would like to download a list of merchants and rebate amounts, you can find the list of participating merchants by going to the ShopWithScrip site and downloading the latest lists at the bottom of the page under Quick Links (either alphabetical by merchant and grouped by category).


For more Scrip tips or questions, contact Tammy Sivic or send a note using the PCMB Info contact page.