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We are very much looking forward to our Fall Performance Showcase next Wednesday, October 21st!

For this event, and due to the outside performances, we would like to make sure that students are comfortable performing. For this reason, we are making a slight adjustment to the concert attire for this event; All students should wear jeans (Blue or Black) and a concert black top. Because we are expecting the weather to be ~55 degrees that evening, students will be able to wear a light jacket or sweater if desired. 
Please note that this deviation from the concert black attire is due to the performance location. We are planning on concert black for all remaining concerts/performances indoors. 
Students in the marching band will be asked to wear jeans (Blue or Black) and their 2020 Show Shirts (Says "Member" on the back) for the full evening. (They will wear the show shirt instead of the concert black.)
Thank you so much for your support and we are looking forward to sharing live music with you again! 
-The Directors