pcep black white 100x83We would like to thank the bylaws committee for their hard work over this past summer to help update our bylaws. The last revision of our bylaws was in 2011 and there were changes needed to be made to align with the PCCS Booster Handbook. The primary outcomes include proposals to change the organizational structure, improve the nominating, elections and committee chair placement process, change the fiscal year from the calendar year to the school year as well as tweaks to the language, format and definitions to make the document more readable.

At October 1st  booster meeting, the PCMB Bylaws Committee presented the proposed changes to the PCMB Bylaws as well as a transition plan to move to these new bylaws over the next several months. The proposed changes will be voted on at the October 15th meeting of the boosters taking place at 7:00 PM in the large band room.

We have attached four documents.

  1. Overview of the changes presented at the booster meeting on October 1, 2019
  2. The proposed bylaws document that will be voted on at the October 15, 2019 meeting
  3. The transition plan document that will be voted on at the October 15, 2019 meeting
  4. An organizational chart that shows the new proposed structure of the organization

Adoption of the new bylaws requires a 2/3 majority vote of voting-eligible members present at the meeting where a quorum (40 members) is present. Notification of voting is considered to be one meeting in advance of the question being voted on but not less than 14 days. Notification was given at the booster meeting on October 1, 2019 and this fanout and the supporting documents are considered notice and communication of the documents being voted on to all members.

If you have any questions about the bylaws, please contact a member of the committee (names are located on the overview presentation slide) or email Kim Scartelli, the committee chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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