DCI Logo2018 Band Members: All student members will attend the DCI Tour Premiere on June 21 at 8:30 pm after practice during summer band camp (student tickets have been purchased by the Boosters).  We have been given a unique opportunity.  Anyone else may purchase their own tickets, and $5 of the purchase will go back to the Booster Funds!  Please share the code on Social Media and have it reshared by your contacts!  This is a win-win, as parents/guardians, family, friends, and others will get to see the DCI Tour Premiere AND raise money through purchasing their ticket. Anyone can use the following code when purchasing tickets:


You can use the link for DCI: https://www.dci.org/events/dci-tour-premiere

The link will take you to Ticketmaster. There will be a field to enter the passcode at the top of the site (Enter Offer Code). Once the passcode is accepted, customers can continue to browse and purchase tickets normally. Ticketmaster will automatically track those sales and give a final total of tickets sold through May 31st.