Amazon Smile Holiday Banner 2017


Holiday shopping time is here! There are ways to help the Plymouth-Canton bands as you shop without much additional effort.

Amazon Smile

The Amazon Smile site has just about everything that the regular Amazon site and for the same price, but purchases made at the Smile site will generate income for your chosen charity. Learn how you can support the instrumental music programs at the Park in our Amazon Smile page under Fundraising.



Scrip is a great way not only to help the organization, but also add credit to your student's account for the Winter Programs or for Marching Band next year. The gift cards themselves are great gifts, but you can use the cards to purchase gifts as well. There are many merchants who participate in the Scrip program and it's likely some of your favorites are in the list.

Don't forget those home improvements too. Getting new flooring or painting the walls? Perhaps new counter tops from the local home center? Check the list of available hardware, home center, or home decor stores. It's money you are spending anyway, why not get a bit more out of it?

Get the details for the Scrip program in our Fundraising page.