The PCMB.Net site has been updated to make it easier to read on mobile devices like phones and tablets. The content is the same, it's just the layout that changed.

Where did your menu go on the phone and tablet? Look for the gray box in the upper left corner (the gray box isn't there when the main menu is available). That little box may look familiar because the site is now using Bootstrap, which is a popular display framework for mobile devices used on many Web sites.

We also updated the Fanout messages for easier viewing on your phone.

If you do find something not working properly, please let us know. Chances are, it's not just you. We do testing on multiple devices but it isn't possible to test all the devices available to our visitors.


Want to help?

You can help improve the site. In particular, we can use some help with the following:

  • Bug Testing: There are many different types of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on many different platforms (Windows, Mac, phones, etc.). There is no way we can test them all. If you find something that isn't working right, let us know.
  • Fact Checking: Let us know if we missed something. Fact checking could be photos posted under the wrong year, misspelled or incorrect names, or spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.
  • Omissions: Is there a feature or content you wanted to see but isn't here? Tell us about it!
  • Upload Photos:  We have over 50,000 photos on our SmugMug account, but we have room for more. Share some of your favorite pictures!  Log into the site and get details on uploading photos here.
  • Anything else: We're open to suggestions.  Let us know what you think. over the years

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