Registration for this site is intended for the Students of the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park Band and related programs (such as Winter Guard and Winter Percussion), their parents or guardians, and Staff. There is no need to register with this site to view the publicly available information or to register for the Craft Show or other events. Fanouts are also available without registration on the site.


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  • Fanouts (Optional): We strongly encourage anyone associated with the P-CEP Band Programs sign up for the Fanouts since these will be our primary means of communication
    • PCMB Fanout: This is the list to which all current students and family members should subscribe. We share important information that isn't necessarily posted by other means, such as details for upcoming events such as rehearsals and performances and changes to the schedule. 
    • PCMB Alumni Fanout: This list is intended for former students and parents of the P-CEP band programs. We don't send too many messages through this list.
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    • Student - this is for current students of the band programs
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    • Alumni - You were once a student of the band programs but have graduated out
    • Parent Alumni - You once had a student in the band programs but your student(s) graduated out
    • Staff - You are employed in some form by the Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters or the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
    • Other - Are you sure you should be registering for the site? You do not need to register here to sign up for the Craft Show or to receive Fanouts. If you are certain you do need to register and you don't fit in any of the categories above, register as other. We may reach out to you to find out why you registered so we can refine this list.
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