About the Boosters

Information about the booster organization which supports the bands at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

Board / Bylaws

The rules that govern how the organization is run, as well as board meeting minutes

Booster Forms

Forms used to transact business with the booster organization.  The Student Forms area has some forms of interest to the adult boosters as well.



Community Supporters

Community members who help contribute to the success of the program


The companies and organizations that provided financial support for the booster organization.




Information we are sharing with the booster organization and the community


Fanouts are one of the primary means of communicating with the membership

Keeping in Touch

All the many ways to keep in touch with what is happening with the booster organization.


Electronic copies of the newsletters handed out at the booster meetings.




Some opportunities to cover the cost of supporting our excellent programs.

PCMB Payments

You can donate, pay participation fees and Craft Show fees on-line.

PCMB Wearables

PCMB Wearables

Clothe yourself in the finest PCMB Wearables.


Some of the many ways you can lend your talents to the band.