Pop Can FundraiserThe Pop Can Drive is a great opportunity for students to participate in supporting the music programs at the park.

The Marching Band sections are divided up into six teams:

  • Team 1: Guard
  • Team 2: Trumpets & Baritones
  • Team 3: Flutes & Mellos
  • Team 4: Percussion
  • Team 5: Saxophones & Tubas
  • Team 6: Clarinets, Bass clarinets & Trombones

The contest will run until August 31st - extended through September 11th! All you need to do is collect bottles and cans, return them to the store, and place the deposit collected in an envelope. Write your team number on the envelope and place it in the white mail box.


Pop Can Flyer

Here is a form when can be downloaded and edited to suit your individual needs. You need to download the file to your local machine and open it in Acrobat Reader to edit the three text fields, including the date and the box above and below the "How it Works" banner in the file. These fields are not editable in the browser or on your phone.

Once you fill out out, print it out and distribute it around your neighborhood!