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Great Lakes Invitational, also known as GLI, is the MCBA sanctioned Marching Band competition held at the Canton High School stadium.  Marching bands from across the state participate in marching invitationals such as GLI throughout the competitive marching season in an effort to earn an invitation to compete at the State Finals held at Ford Field in Detroit in November.

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2017 Competition

Here are some maps and other useful information for our visiting bands.

MCBA Member Directors:

It is my pleasure to invite you to the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park Great Lakes Invitational held on October 28, 2017. Our show will begin around 3:00 pm and we will do our best to ensure that you and your students will be home at a reasonable hour. Please review the welcome letter, application, and documents provided by MCBA. We also have a short video clip (48 sec.) of our stadium that we hope you will find at the least entertaining.

We will be offering the following amenities should you give us the honor of hosting you and your students:

  • Turf field
  • High press box
  • New stadium seating built in the summer of 2016
  • High definition video of your performance
  • Improved maps w/ transition time from location to location
  • Light refreshments, hot chocolate, and coffee for directors and their instructional staff
  • Guaranteed 45-minute outdoor warm up
  • Option to have an extended outdoor warm up time in an auxiliary location upon request
  • Traveling trophy for the grand champion

Additional amenities pending MCBA approval:

  • High definition video of your band's performance taken by a drone
  • Additional commentary by non-MCBA affiliated clinicians to assist you in your last week of preparation for the MCBA State Championship and the BOA Grand National Championship for those attending groups.



PLEASE REMEMBER - THE PERFORMANCE ORDER FOR REGULAR SEASON MCBA SHOWS WILL BE CREATED BY RANDOM DRAW. Simply respond via email by May 1 declaring your intent to participate in our show and you will be included in that draw. Performance order of groups added after the May 1 draw will be based on the date that their application is received.

G. Jonathan Thomann
Director of Bands
Plymouth-Canton Educational Park


2016 Competition Results

Congratulations to everyone for their great performances at the Great Lakes Invitational on October 29th of 2016! Here are the results from that contest:


Flight IV

Band Score Placement
Ferndale 90.175 1

Caption Awards:
Best Music Performance: Ferndale
Best Visual Performance: Ferndale
Best General Effect: Ferndale

Flight III

Band Score Placement
South Lyon East 88.075 1
Hazel Park 85.550 2

Caption Awards:
Best Music Performance: South Lyon East
Best Visual Performance: South Lyon East
Best General Effect: South Lyon East

Flight II

Band Score Placement
South Lyon 90.525 1
Livonia Franklin 87.300 2
Wyandotte Roosevelt 87.175 3

Caption Awards:
Best Music Performance: South Lyon
Best Visual Performance: Southgate Anderson
Best General Effect:Southgate Anderson

Flight I

Band Score Placement
L'Anse Creuse 93.200 1
Novi 92.825 2
Clarkston 90.900 3
Plymouth Canton 95.425 Exhib

Caption Awards:
Best Music Performance: L'Anse Creuse
Best Visual Performance: Novi
Best General Effect: L'Anse Creuse