FormsHere are some of the forms the Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters use to operate the organization.  These are not the forms the students need - those can be found in the Student Forms page.  There are also a couple of forms that are appended to the related policy statement, so if you are looking for the Conflict of Interest form or the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Confidentiality Policy, you can find them on our Board / Bylaws page.

Note that all the forms necessary for the Marching season are on the Student Forms page, including the Ford Field forms for both the adults and students.

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  • Expense Reimbursement Form

    All purchase made on behalf of the Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters must be either approved in advance by the President or Treasurer if not a board approved budgetary expense you are authorized to spend. Please include the receipt or invoice with this form and place it in the White Mailbox in the band room, hand it to the President or Treasurer, or mail it to the booster post office box. We can write a check for the reimbursement or apply the amount to your student’s account.

    Expense Reimbursement Form (70.93 KB)

  • Cash Counting Form

    This form needs to be completd any time cash is collected at a fundraiser or event.  Contact the treasurer if you need starter cash for your event.  The cash must be counted immediately following the event by at least two people.  Do not combine cash from difference sources (e.g. ticket sales and concessions).  Cash must be delivered to the Treasurer (or pre-determined designate if Treasurer is unavailable).  Do not bring cash home or pay any expenses out of the proceeds.  Contact the President or Treasurer if you have any questions.

    Cash Counting Form (67.91 KB)