PCMB LogoMCBA: 2017 Livonia Franklin Invitational

October 14, 2017


9:00 am

Arrival Time - Move to Rehearsal Locations w/ E.Q. and Props

  • Be sure to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast
  • Be sure to pack a healthy and nutritious lunch
  • Bring snacks for after the show (NO nuts, NO chocolate)

9:30 am

Rehearsal Begins

1:15 pm

Performance Run

1:30 pm

Lunch/Load E.Q. Trucks

  • Color Guard Leave Immediately to Makeup Hallway to Prepare for Performance

2:20 pm

Clean Facilities

2:40 pm

Winds and Percussion Change into Full Uniform

3:15 pm

Full Band Meeting

3:30 pm

Load Busses

3:55 pm

Arrive at Livonia High School

4:05 pm

Unload Busses

4:15 pm

Transition to E.Q. Truck - (Instructional Staff Meet at Truck)

4:25 pm

  • Meet at E.Q. Truck to Retrieve E.Q. and Put Instruments Together
  • Retrieve Performance Plumes - Flutes, Clarinets, Alto Saxophones, Trumpets (Chaperones will need to assist with this process)

4:35 pm

Retrieve Performance Plumes - Low Brass, Percussion, Low Reeds, and Mellophones (Chaperones will need to assist with this process)

4:45 pm

Line Up In Two’s

4:55 pm

Transition to Warm Up - Warm Up Area B

5:05 pm

Enter Warm Up Area B

5:10 pm

Warm Up (Please Note: Separate: Area looks like it will be congested and on grass)

  • 5:10-5:20 Winds are in Visual Warm Up
  • 5:20 Winds are in Music Warm Up
  • 5:30 Visual Staff Member takes Prop Crew and Quartet to Retrieve Props

5:20 pm

P-CEP Crew: Pre-stage rotating stages, and other props outside or near as close to the performance gate

  • Crew: Make sure there is enough help and support to help move the front ensemble instruments and equipment

5:40 pm

Leave Warm Up Areas - Be sure to arrive at gate on time.

5:50 pm

Gate Report Time - Full Band

6:00 pm

Performance Time - GO P-CEP BANDS

•Enter Side 1 Front Side Line

6:15 pm

Performance Exit

•Exit Side 2 Front Side Line

6:20 pm

Performance Wrap Up W/ Band Directors and Staff

  • Return to E.Q.
    • Trucks Drop Off E.Q./Return to Buses
    • Return Performance Plumes (Chaperones will need to assist with this process)
  • Winds and Percussion take off uniform top and retrieve Band Member Jackets Snack (stay in half uniform)
  • Drum Majors and Color Guard Captains Remain in Full Uniform for Awards Ceremony

7:00 pm

Livonia Franklin

7:30 pm

  • Awards
  • Critique (Band Directors, Mr. Bellamy, Mr. Sparling, Mr. Schmidt)
  • Mr. Hartwick, Mr. Williams will stay with Marching Band w/Chaperones

8:00 pm

Return to Buses/Attendance/Headcount

8:20 pm

Depart Livonia  High School

8:50 pm

Return to Plymouth High School

9:00 pm

Change out of Uniform

9:15 pm

Unload Equipment/Clean Band Room Area

9:30 pm

Wrap Up Meeting

9:35 pm