We are launching the Private Lesson Instruction Pilot Program. Applications are due Monday, May 8th and should be submitted to the White Mailbox.


Lessons are the fastest way for students to grow their musicianship. Individual lessons allow the student to receive one on one attention with a professional teacher allowing the student to obtain guided instruction that is specific to their needs to improve their skills as a musician.

Purpose of the Pilot

  • Ensure students who participated in the fundraising efforts to benefit from the program through an application process.
  • Allow the Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters and the Band Directors to gather data to create a
    transparent, organized, and sustaining private lesson program in the coming year.

Eligibility for Participation in the Pilot

  • Student must have participated in the SNAP fundraiser in order to participate in the program.
  • Only students who have been studying with a private lesson instructor for the past six months may apply for the pilot program The only exception to this rule are seniors who participated in the SNAP fundraiser who have never taken private lessons before.
  • Student/Family must fill out the application below.
  • Pilot program will run for three lessons.
  • Student/Family must meet all requirements as stated in the application, including financial obligations, and student preparation expectations as outlined by the private lesson instructor.